News of Bottled Water and Filtration Coolers

Bottled Water Company Fined for Polluting Trucks

Another major organization has prohibited the use of bottled water

San Francisco ban bottled water for city workers
Mayor Gavin Newsom issues executive order, giving bottled water the axe.

NY Might Ban Plastic Water Bottles
Law Would Prevent State From Buying Plastic Bottles For Government

The Death Throes Of The Water Bottle?
Made With Oil And Used To Transport Water Unnecessarily, Bottles Are Under Fire.

Is your plastic bottle safe ? Bisphenal A, Safe of Unsafe, You be the Judge.

A wide variety of studies and opinions from various experts on the leaching of plastics.

Coke launches lighter bottles that use less plastic as well as ambitious goal to recycle 100% of their PET bottles.

Feeling the pressure, and hoping to save some money, Coke designs lighter bottle.

Bottled water, once an icon of a healthy lifestyle, has become a pariah, the environmentally incorrect humvee of beverages.

Bottled-water backlash has many drinkers tapped out

SOMA Beverages aka Metro Mint Recalls their Bottled Water
Bottled in 2006, recalled in 2007 for Bacillus cereus or